Spiritual art and poems 

janine art 1.jpg

We come and say to you today things may seem overpowering at times and overwhelming, but please remember when the trees are over towering you may feel small and not sure how to move forward, because you feel like the little seedling in the woods just merging from the soil, just remember you will grow in to the beautiful tall tree in the end, you must trust within your self to grow and stand tall , you must keep growing and Emerging from the soil, don’t be frightened, you will be strong enough one day, and when the wind comes your tree will stand tall unbeatable against the storm for you to grow once again x

janine art 3.jpg

The light will always be closer than you think and never far away from sight just keep walking to see, have faith and move forward up your path, you may only see the dark at times but always remember the things you don’t always see are more real in your reality than you know, Just move into your consciousness and you will see be beyond your knowing.

jaine art 2.jpg

I’m am looking and lm seeing within your soul , and l can see the mistakes you need to learn from,and l stand by your side and put my hand on your shoulder and bring comfort in these times and bring laughter to raise your soul your never alone,and your never be abandoned by anyone in spirit, we give you the signs of are present and drop a feather or a butterfly 🦋 in your way to give you strength to hold on and keep your soul evolving and growing. You have free will but we will always try to guide you and inspire you to move forward. But you must remember your a spirit having an earthly life so live and Enjoy and learn and challenge your self to heal, and challenge your self to speak your truth, and l challenge you to do what no one els believe you should do , always remember you stronger than you know , your the tower of strength always even if you can’t see it, never hold back never stop what you planned to achieve for spirit you must be strong enough to go through the storm and achieve no matter what is thrown at you xjust trust and spirit will guide you forward .