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President Natasha Bell 

What is Spiritualism?

The work of The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association is based on the teachings given through the mediumship of Miss Winifred Moyes by the one known to us as Zodiac, who explained that he was a scribe in the Temple in the time of the Christ, that he met and followed Our Lord and that reference to him occurs in the Gospel according to St Mark chapter 12 verses 28-34.

Zodiac first manifested in a private circle of three people and the outstanding importance of his communication was at once recognised.  The messages were taken down in shorthand and cyclo-styled for circulation among friends.  Interest grew to such an extent that the weekly journal "The Greater World" was established in 1928, mainly for the purpose of circulating the Zodiac messages.  The Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association was formed for the purpose of consolidating the work and this body has continued to grow over the years.  As a result of interest overseas, monthly journals in foreign languages have been issued, with the result that membership of the Association had grown throughout the world.

The first public meeting at which Zodiac spoke through Miss Moyes was held in 1928 and from that time onwards Miss Moyes travelled weekly throughout the country for propaganda meetings that attracted much attention.  In additiion, Miss Moyes toured Canada and the United States in 1938 and also visited Holland and France for Services in those countries.

Anxious to do more to comfort and help, in 1932 Miss Moyes opened a Night Shelter for Homeless Women in London.  Thus started the philanthropic side, which is such an important part of the work of the Association and which has been instrumental in easing the lot of thousands of suffering women.

Through financial assistance freely and gladly given by individuals and the Churches, the work of the Association made wonderful progress.  From the beginning it was the Churches, who voluntarily, through the holding of various events, promised to support the work of The Christ Mission of The Greater World.  Mounting costs have greatly increased the difficulties of the workers at headquarters, but with confidence we rely upon the help of those who realise how important it is that our Truth should be circulated throughout the world.  With the Christ as our Leader and guided by our teacher Zodiac, the work continues to progress, bringing with it comfort and understanding to ever increasing numbers.