Richard R D Blackmore x was the author of Lorna Doone my great distance Uncle who has been Channeling through my poetry and now my trance guide and bringing his beautiful guidance through me now in trance, that l spent much time having him talk to me through a beautiful Trance medium in the UK, reading poems to me in a trance reading, l started to let him through in trance state after a lot of trusts and believing in him and getting prove as l needed that prove. , he started to channel through my trance after much time working with me through my inspirational poems for some time l just see now he was just trying to trance speak through me, he was born in 1825 in Longworth and died in 1900 20th January. My grandfather was the last Blackmore


Alice lm not sure on birth dates and deaths but she was beautiful soul physic in her time in the 1900 s and had two children and work with nursing and loved children we have found her on family tree going back to 1900s, found much about her through the same Beautiful Trance medium That confirmed Alice was was real and spoke through her. Now Alice was my family also very gifted physic in her time and I feel very honoured that l was helped during this time to bring the story of my trance guides together that slowly came with support through my readings to help me bring a picture together of who they were and what the connection was over the years